Sick Christmas Cartoons

Tales to Drink Egg Nog By is a compilation of serial Christmas Cartoons over 20 years in the making.
A politically incorrect, irreverent, and never apologetic glance into the world of Saint Nick.

Additional episodes from the book here! More to come!

sick christmas cartoons

A delight for those who appreciate dark humor and sick Christmas Cartoons. An equal opportunity satire skewering amongst others, The Yuletide Santa story, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, The Matrix, Survivor, The Sound of Music, Silence of the Lambs and much, much more.

Sick Christmas CartoonsNot for the faint of heart or those easily offended, these Christmas Cartoons expose the gelatinous underbelly of the yuletide season are most definitely NSFW. The cult following for ‘Tales’ over the years has grown from a few friends to a legion of people eager each year for the dark side of holiday season. Here now is the book and free ebook version for all to enjoy.

A free ebook, pdf and kindle version of the book are available for downloading.

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 They are hosted by Google (note: Since this is essentially a graphic novel of cartoons to maintain a decent quality level the file size exceeds the size at which google will scan for viruses automatically. The files are safe and securely on Google Drive, however if that gives you the willies for any reason you can view the pdf version with PDF link on screen without downloading it.

You may share and distribute the above linked files with anyone, but you may not alter them in anyway, publish or post the actual files on another site with prior authorization.

The print edition on Amazon make a great gift (cough cough)

Truly Disturbing Sick Christmas Cartoons