The election

More or less by coincidence many of the episodes over the years of Tales To Drink Egg Nog By have featured both Hillary and The Donald. So hopefully my work had offended both sides equally. Both of them are were such splendid targets I knew whichever of them got elected it would be fodder for people who write comedy. I think what tipped the election for trump was the secret comedian vote hoping to extend the satire. That being said I will continue to ridicule them both without mercy.

Oh, and to all of those who ran for office up here near Woodstock, NY…the election is over, take down your freakin’ signs!

Political Incorrectness

Someone once asked me if I thought it was a problem that some of my artwork was kind of, um…’politically incorrect’. I responded it would be a problem if it was not. Anyway, both Trump and Clinton supporters will either be equally offended or amused by work, and as the old saying goes … if you can’t take a joke then….

Free Ebook

It is my intention that the ebook versions of ‘Tales To Drink Egg Nog By’ and my upcoming book ‘Intoxicating Illustration’ will be distributed for free so as many people as possible who have the an unyielding thirst for dark humor and a decidedly ‘bent’ sense of humor might enjoy this material. The print version is priced not that far above cost and makes a great gift (coff, coff).